photoTrauma Trainings from The Refuge are an opportunity to enhance your existing skills and expertise through interactive, experiential learning. Workshops emphasize not only theoretical understanding of concepts, but also embodied self-awareness of how the material applies to you as a person, and practical skill building in terms of your own therapeutic presence and techniques for working with clients. Top down knowledge is enhanced by bottom-up experiencing to provide a well-rounded learning experience.

We offer trainings that will be of interest to mental health and addictions treatment programs, health care professionals and facilities, frontline workers, therapists, crisis and distress lines, social and community services, foster care, group homes, emergency and first responders (EMS/paramedics, fire fighters, police), educators, schools, refugee and settlement services, and aboriginal services.

Our menu of offerings ranges from hour-long presentations to full-day and multiple-day trainings, solo or co-facilitated depending on the topic. For more information about existing topics, or to have a custom training designed with your organization’s needs in mind, contact us for more information.

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