Clinical Consulting

Sarah Schlote, MA, RP, CCC, SEP offers clinical case consultations that honour the complex interplay of trauma, attachment and personality dynamics, self states and dissociation, the body, transference / countertransference, safe and effective use of self (SEUS), and how to use specific therapeutic and spiritual/contemplative practices more safely and effectively within your scope of practice with a trauma-informed care lens.

Sarah’s extensive training in Somatic Experiencing, somatic touch work, attachment-oriented touch work for early developmental trauma, EMDR, parts work / ego state work using the Structural Dissociation model, equine-assisted and animal-assisted therapy, as well as experience with mindfulness, art exercises, psychodynamic therapy, experiential learning, DBT-based skills, and other approaches provides a solid and broad foundation from which to explore client-related issues within an integrative model of practice.

Consultations can be offered in person, by phone, video call, or to staff in groups at your agency or organization. Consultation rates are $160 + HST per hour.

Somatic Experiencing™ Students

Sarah is an approved SE Training Assistant at all levels, and is currently approved as a personal session provider at the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels by the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, for hours towards your SEP certificate. You are welcome to consult with her about your SE clients as well, but these hours will not count towards your SEP certificate at the present time.

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